Reading Society of Model Engineers
Reading Society of Model Engineers

Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA


15" gauge Laurel Run Railroad

4.75" - 7.25" gauge Railroad

"O" gauge model Railroad

HO gauge model Railroad

Welcome to the Reading Society of Model Engineers web site. The RSME is a model engineering club focusing on all aspects of railroading. Our 25 acre site is located near the city of Reading in Berks County, PA. Our property features outdoor ride-able railroads including the 15" gauge Laurel Run Railroad and the dual gauge, 7.25" and 4.75" gauge live steam railroad. On the second floor of the clubhouse we have a large "O" scale, "On3" scale model railroad. On the first floor the RSME also has an HO Gauge model railroad and an "O" gauge model railroad. Both of these are in the process of being built.

Additionally we have a picnic pavilion area where you can watch the 15" gauge railroad carrying passengers through out the woods. The picnic pavilion area is available for use by the public for a reasonable donation to host your activities. For more information on the use of the picnic pavilion please click the Picnic Info tie to the left on the track.

All together we make up the RSME family.

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