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23 November 2012 Update: I have posted the 2013 calendar with schedule for the year. As soon as the respective flyers for the various Open House type events are ready I will be posting the links in the respective areas of the calendar. Till then I would like to invite everyone to come out and join the RSME  next week at the Holiday "Frosty Run"!

06 October 2012 Update: I must apologize for not having updated the website for a while. With that being said the RSME is very happy to announce that we have updated our membership application for the 2013 calendar year. Otherwise there has just been the normal general maintenance to the website.

While you are here I would like to remind everyone that the Fall Open House is two weeks away and we cannot wait to see you there.

25 June 2012 Update: I updated a few things on the RSME website today. Before I get into those details I would like to apologize for not updating the website as regular as I had been. Unfortunately I had some changes in my life that took me away from being able to do my duties as the Website Administrator. However with that being said I plan on having a steady stream of updates again like the website use to have.

1. I updated the schedule link so that it goes right to the current month.
2. I would like to extend congratulations to Kyle Sanders who has taken over as our 15" gauge Laurel Run Railroad Maintenance of Way Committee Chairperson.

16 April 2012 Update: I updated the "Explorer Post Photo Gallery" from the last run session we had. I also updated the "Miscellaneous Photo Gallery" with pictures of a work session that we had.

The BoD would like to remind members who have not paid their 2012 dues that you are now in the rears. We would like to urge all members to get their dues in and feel free to contact one of the BoD members if you have concerns regarding your dues. We would love to work with you to resolve any issues you might have. The Secretary and Membership Committee chair would like to recommend you send a SASE in with your dues to expedite getting your 2012 membership card back to you faster.

The May General Business Meeting will be a general clean up work day for the RSME starting at 10:00 AM. Everyone is encouraged to come out and help with this clean up day. It is important that we all work together to make sure the property is in the best shape it can be so that we are putting our best foot forward for the Spring Open House. Anyone who is planning to attend and can bring tools like hedge trimmer, weed whackers, push mowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, etc. are encouraged to do so. The club is planning on having a luncheon business meeting supplied to all who contact the president before midnight on Friday, May 4, 2012 to let him know if you will be there. He will also need to know if you would like pepperoni or plain pizza. The only topic for this meeting will be loose ends that need to be tied up for Spring Open House. ALL other topics will be tabled till the June Bussiness Meeting per the Presidnet of the RSME. Please keep in mind that if you do not let us know you are going to be at the work party we can not guaranty that pizza will be available for you during the meeting.

03 April 2012 Update: I updated the schedule page and opened the new "Miscellaneous Photo Gallery" with picture from the RCT&HS Leesport Train Show.

27 March 2012 Update: I added a section where you can now see what train shows the RSME will be attending. Please feel free to check it regularly for upcoming shows and events that the RSME will be attending.

17 March 2012 Update: The RSME has some exciting updates today. We first must apologize for not updating the schedule link sooner to direct you to the March calendar. However that is the first thing we have fixed. With that being said we also have some new content on the website for everyone to view. We uploaded some videos that were taken at the 2011 Fall Open House. I know it was a while ago but sometimes good things take time. I think you everyone will enjoy these videos!

We are also very happy to announcement that the RSME has worked very hard in creating a cooperative partnership with the Reading Company Technical & Historical Society. With this cooperative partnership the RSME currently has the 15" gauge caboose and a refurbished Reading Company banjo signal on display with the RCT&HS Museum located up in Hamburg, PA. We urge fans of the Reading railroad, Reading Society of Model Engineers, model railroading, and railroading in general to check out the schedule on the RCT&HS website and go see these and other displays of railroading years gone past!

06 February 2012 Update: The RSME website schedule page was updated to load the February calendar. Along with that we also posted our 2012 Open House flyer on the appropriate calendar pages. Please feel free to print them out to share with family and friends!

The RSME is also very excited to announce that we have completed a long awaited project on the website. We now have an interactive application in the membership section of the website. You no longer need to fill out an application with pen and paper. We can now accept applications for membership right from our website. Please feel free to check it out and let your friends know about this new way to get involved with the RSME.

10 January 2012 Update: I made a small change to the home page today. I added a spot that shows the current weather conditions at the RSME. This addition is supplied by the Weather Channel. It is my hope that this will help guests and members know if the weather is safe to come to the RSME or if the weather indicates caution should be used. Of course during all public events if you wish to know for certain if we are operating please always feel free to call the club house at 610-929-5444 to inquire with one of our members as to if we are operating.

02 January 2012 Update: First off I would like to wish everyone a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year on behalf of the RSME. I must apologize as well for getting the website updated a little late.

1. Updated the copyright date.
2. Updated the Schedule page.
3. Updated booking dates for private functions.